May 9, 2019


Legislative Update: Home Education Rule Review

The State Board of Education approved revisions to the home education rules (3301-34-01 through 03) at the April meeting, but this vote was not the final step in the process. Before the revised rules can go into effect they must go through a review by the State’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR). The task of JCARR is to determine that the proposed rules/revisions are consistent with state law.

The State Board of Education released their agenda for next month’s meeting and the required JCARR 119 hearing is scheduled for Monday morning (8:30am) at the Ohio Department of Education. There will not be another board vote after this hearing. Once this step is complete the revised rules will take effect at the end of May.

We were expecting the JCARR 119 hearing sometime this summer, but one step in the state required process for all agencies has been skipped (rule filing with CSI) because this set of rules would have no bearing on the business community.

CHEO will update the rule language on our website once the rules are officially in effect.

Melanie Elsey