Melanie Elsey

CHEO Legislative Liaison

Christian Home Educators of Ohio is honored to be a watcher on the “legislative wall” in the state of Ohio.

To this end, our Legislative Liaison, Melanie Elsey, attends monthly State Board of Education meetings, provides up-to-date analysis of pending legislation, interacts with legislators on both sides of the aisle and works closely with HSLDA …all to help protect Ohio homeschool families.




Melanie Elsey has been on staff with CHEO since 1994. Over the years she has been instrumental in safe-guarding the rights of families to freely home educate.  Having formerly taught in the public schools, she left the classroom to focus on home educating her (now grown) children.
Melanie’s work today primarily focuses on researching public policy and communicating with state and federal legislators regarding the impact on families and communities.

In addition to her work with CHEO, Melanie serves as the National Legislative Director for the American Policy Roundtable and is a Panelist on The Public Square® radio broadcast. She can be heard weekly bringing the message of responsible citizenship to the public on The Public Square® radio program, co-hosted by Dave Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd.

Melanie lives in Uniontown, Ohio with her husband, John.

Legislative Issues Explained

Ohio Tragedies

Reviewing the Facts

Takoda Collins in 2019. Teddy Tedesco in 2012. Two children tragically dead, apparently at the hands of their caregivers.

In both cases, Ohio children’s services investigators were warned several times by people who suspected the children were being abused. 

5-Year Homeschool Reg Review

Explaining the Process

Ohio law requires most agencies that promulgate rules / regulations for the Ohio Administrative Code complete a review of the rules at least once every 5 years. The State Board of Education (SBE) is the rule making authority for the Ohio Department of Education. 

Assessment Waiver

Summary Document

Sub.H.B. 164, Section 5 was approved by the Ohio Legislature on June 11, 2020

“…that Section 17 of H.B. 197 of the 133rd General Assembly be amended to read as follows:

For Complete Document: 

Diploma Fairness

No More Discrimination

Ohio Revised Code 3313.6110
Diploma granted by parent or guardian.

For the complete statute,
click below.

Common Core

Should homeschoolers be concerned about the Common Core?

All citizens, regardless of their family’s educational choice, should be very concerned about the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI). 

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus is a program provided by the state of Ohio that includes opportunities for home educators. 
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