Year End Evaluations

If you are notifying to home educate for the very first time, no evaluation is required with the initial notification form.

Ohio Regulations states…

3301-34-04 Academic Assessment
(A) The parent(s) shall send to the superintendent an academic assessment report of the child for the previous school year at the time of supplying subsequent notification.

(B) The academic assessment report shall include one of the following:

       (1) Results of a nationally normed, standardized achievement test.
             (a) Such test shall be administered by:
                    (i) A licensed or certified teacher; or
                    (ii) Another person mutually agreed upon by the parent(s) and the superintendent; or
                    (iii) A person duly authorized by the publisher of the test.
             (b) Results should demonstrate reasonable proficiency as compared to other children in the district at the same grade level. Any child that has a composite score at or above the twenty-fifth percentile shall be deemed to be performing at a level of reasonable proficiency.

        (2) A written narrative indicating that a portfolio of samples of the child’s work has been reviewed and that the child’s academic progress for the year is in accordance with the child’s abilities.
              (a) The written narrative shall be prepared by:
                     (i) A licensed or certified teacher; or
                     (ii) Other person mutually agreed upon by the parent(s) and the superintendent.
              (b) The parent(s) shall be responsible for the payment of fees charged for preparation of the narrative.

         (3) An alternative academic assessment of the child’s proficiency mutually agreed upon by the parent and the superintendent.

(C) If the parent(s) chooses to have the standardized testing conducted as part of the school district scheduled testing program, there shall be no cost to the parent(s). The time and location for testing shall be established by the school district.

(D) If the parent(s) chooses to have the standardized testing conducted privately, the parent(s) shall pay for the testing. The time and location for testing shall be established by the parent(s).


OPTION #1:  Results of a nationally-normed, standardized achievement test

Many families choose to have their child/children take nationally-normed, standardized tests each year. Make sure that your child’s composite results are at or above the 25th percentile before you submit the scores for your year end evaluation. If test scores do not meet this criteria, then choose Option #2 or #3. The college board ACT and SAT tests do qualify as a nationally-normed standardized test. *

OPTION #2:  Written Narrative/Portfolio Review

A written narrative/portfolio review can be done by:

(i)   a licensed or certified teacher, holding a valid Ohio teaching certificate (excluding the non- tax certificate issued under Ohio Revised Code 3301.071); or
(ii)   another person mutually agreed upon by the parent(s) and the superintendent.

Ohio Rev. Code Ann. §  149.43 (B) (1) states that “all public records shall be promptly prepared and made available for inspection to any person at all reasonable times…”  Federal educational privacy statutes (FERPA) protect students who attend federally funded institutions, but homeschool records do not fall under any express exemption. This form satisfies Ohio law without compromising student privacy.

A listing of some available assessors can be found here. The form to submit for a Written Narrative is found here.

OPTION #3:  Alternative Academic Assessment is mutually agreed upon, ahead of time, by both the parent and the superintendent

Option #3 can be many different things. The key is that you and the superintendent must agree before this alternative assessment is submitted. Here are a couple of the more common alternative academic assessments options that have been used by parents in Ohio.

  1. Perhaps you are using a program that issues a final report card. If you ask ahead of time, the superintendent may accept this “report card” as your academic assessment.
  2. If your student is participating in a mentor-ship program, a letter from the child’s mentor may suffice as an alternative assessment.


* It is important to understand that the publishing companies for norm-referenced assessments also publish assessments that are not norm-referenced. For example, ACT QualityCore End of Course Assessments would not be considered a norm-referenced assessment. It is best to stick with traditional ACT tests or SAT tests than the more recently developed instruments. The assessment that you choose must provide a norm-referenced composite score in order to comply with this regulation.