CHEO Commencement Ceremony

celebrating a milestone...with you!

When and Where

June 26, 2021!

New Location: Heath Church of Christ
1331 Chapel Way, Heath, OH 43056

May 2021

Update for all graduate families, 

We are excited to celebrate with you and your graduate on June 26th! While this event will not be exactly what we originally planned…we are working very hard to make it as close to our typical ceremony as possible. Here are some helpful details:

The day has been meticulously planned out by one of the dads on our board. He is an engineer and has all the details covered…all you need to do is show up! When you arrive, you will be directed by our staff to a sign-up tent to pick up your packet of information for the day. After a quick stop at the tent, you will be shown where to park for the ceremony.

Families will be parked in a semi-circle facing a beautiful portico/stage area of the church, but you are not required to remain in your vehicles. Feel free to bring lawn chairs and sit outside if you wish. The ceremony will be broadcast on an FM station and we plan to be on Facebook live as well.

After the commencement message by the wonderful Todd Wilson, parents will proceed to  the presentation of diplomas to their student. Your entire family may participate in this portion of the event if you wish.
Last year we had grandparents and siblings join the parents for this joyful part of the celebration! 

The ceremony will end with prayer and presentation of the graduates. Families are welcome to take pictures on the grounds afterwards, if they choose.

We hope this helps give a better idea of what the day will look like. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to call our office staff . We are here to serve you and make this day as memorable and special as possible.

Rejoicing with you! 


March 2021

Dear Graduate Families,

CHEO had planned to return to the Chapel of MVNU for the 2021 Commencement…but it seems that
the Lord has other plans for us this year as well.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the CHEO Leadership Team has decided to move the location for the 2021 Commencement. Considerable Covid restrictions still remain across Ohio that affect Mount Vernon Nazarene University and event planning on campus. We definitely appreciate the staff at Mount Vernon and are looking to schedule with them for 2022; but we cannot proceed with the Chapel venue this year.

We were deeply saddened by these developments, but not surprised given the continued Covid-19 concerns.

Despite the challenges, we desire to provide this event for the 2021 graduates and parents and therefore are now quickly transitioning to an outdoor graduation event like the one we, and many others, provided in 2020. We contacted the Heath Church of Christ in Heath, Ohio and they have graciously agreed to host our families on June 26th in the manner that they accommodated us last year. While things will be different than our normal ceremony, we will still be able to honor our homeschool graduates and that is most important to all of us.

We will be providing additional information in the next few days, but you are welcome to call the office to ask any questions that you may have at this point. Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 – 2:00.
Phone: 740.522.2460

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make changes due to the demands of this unusual time. We look forward to celebrating this special time with you.

Early Bird

Sept.1 – Oct. 31
Amount: $90


Nov. 1 – January 31
Amount: $120


Feb. 1 – April 9
Amount: $150

Commencement Details

We would appreciate both the graduate and parents reading through all the
commencement information below before registering for this event.


CHEO held the first homeschool Commencement Ceremony in 1992. The purpose for this event:

1. To bring honor and glory to God.
2. To act as ambassadors for home education in Ohio by demonstrating educational excellence, perseverance and faithfulness.
3. To celebrate with the graduates and their families at the end of a wonderful journey.


In order to assure that this ceremony is held to the highest possible standards, the CHEO Board has included a simple application process that began with the Graduating Class of 2005.

Application includes some of the following:

1. Graduates agree to comply with modest dress requirements and appropriate behavior expectations.

2. Parents will need to be current members of CHEO.

3. Parents must have notified their local superintendent (per the homeschool regs) for the graduate’s senior year.

4. 100% of academics need to be generally directed and provided by the parents. This may include dual enrollment.

5. The registration fee covers the cost of a graduation cap/gown/tassel, a beautiful diploma provided for the parents to confer on the student, and all handling/shipping fees. The cap/gown are the CHEO color of Peacock Teal and will belong to the student after the event.


Dress Code:

It is our desire to maintain the highest standards for this ceremony. Therefore, we ask that all graduates follow these simple dress code guidelines:


Dress slacks with dress shirts and ties
No earrings
No visible tattoos
Modest hairstyles


Dresses with a modest neckline. Hems need to fall at least to the knees. Knee length skirts w/modest shirts may also be worn.
No visible tattoos
Modest hairstyles
Conservative jewelry

Parents will also be participating in the ceremony and will be on stage with their graduates. Parents may use the same guidelines in deciding what they wish to wear for the afternoon.

Code of Conduct:

We want all families and guests to thoroughly enjoy this day. Therefore we would ask that everyone be respectful and courteous to all involved…to God’s glory.

Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Photos and Student Biography


Due to the change to an outdoor venue, a slideshow cannot be presented. 

There will be a beautiful slide show presentation during the ceremony. Participation is completely voluntary.
If your graduate wishes to be included in this presentation, please electronically submit two photographs. One needs to be a baby or “younger” picture, the second one should be a current pic of the graduate.

All pictures must be in jpeg format 300 dpi. They must be attached to the e-mail, not embedded.

Pictures need to be submitted no later than April 9, 2021 to be included in the slide show. Please be sure to label the pictures with the graduate’s name when you send the picture attachment to:

Student Biography:

A brief student biography will be included in the event program. There is a space in the registration form for this to be included, but if families need a little additional time to write the bio can be turned into the office by April 9, 2021.
The biography can be written by the student or the parents and should not be more than 100 words.


Here are a couple of examples:

Harrison D. Bennett

Harrison has been homeschooled from Kindergarten through 12th grade and has truly been a joy to teach. He has many interests, but his favorites include playing soccer on a local team, learning bass quitar, and studying graphic design. He has also enjoyed helping with the local YMCA Kids program and being a part of the church youth group. He plans to pursue a degree in engineering at OSU in the fall and is excited for this next adventure.

Marie C. Shelby

A message from Marie:

I am so excited to be graduating this year! I appreciate all the time and effort that my parents have given to my education and know that this foundation will serve me well as I move into the future. I will be attending Auburn University in the fall to pursue Equine Studies and Veterinarian Studies.

Schedule for the Day...

Program for 2021: 

Registration Begins @ 1:00
Music Begins @ 1:30
Ceremony begins @ 2:00

Opening Prayer: John Elsey, CHEO Leadership Team
Welcome: CHEO Leadership Team

Speaker: Todd Wilson from Familyman Ministry

Conferring of Diplomas and Flowers
Closing Commencement Challenge
Presentation of Graduating Class

Registration for the 2021 Commencement Ceremony has closed.

Registration for the 2022 event will open later this fall. Thank you!

Countdown to the Ceremony

CHEO is happy to celebrate this wonderful milestone with you and other homeschool families from across the state. Our desire is to provide a program that is encouraging to
all who participate…and ultimately bring glory to God!