Legislative Update

The conference committee on Am.Sub.H.B.487 has voted to remove the “problem language” of using an affidavit to document a homeschool graduate’s completion of the homeschool experience.

There was no language included in the conference passed bill that would mirror the policy to fairly recognize a diploma issued by parents to home educated graduates.

Therefore, the solution to the discrimination problem has not been resolved. It will be important to continue to encourage state legislators to approve a change in state law similar to AM2737X1 drafted amendment to HB487 . This is an election year. There will be additional opportunities to determine where legislative candidates stand on the issue of diploma fairness.

The message to legislators and candidates needs to be simple.

We appreciate the willingness to remove a provision in HB487 that would have been harmful to homeschoolers, but the problem of discrimination will not be resolved without a change to state law to clarify that a homeschool diploma sufficiently documents the completion of homeschooling,
which is a lawful choice in Ohio.

CHEO (alongside HSLDA) will continue to work with legislators to finalize a solution on these concerns that affect both access to college and employment.

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