Withdrawal from School

It is legal in the state of Ohio to remove your child from public, online public, or private education at any time during the school year in order to home educate.

Withdrawal from traditional public or private schools:

  • Fill out the notification form available here, attach your lists of intended textbooks and curriculum and send it certified mail to the superintendent of your city, county, or exempted village school district. Keep a copy of your original paperwork on file.
  • Notify the principal of your child’s school in writing that you are withdrawing your child from school for the purposes of home education. Send your letter certified mail and keep a copy on file.
  • Begin educating your child at home.
  • You should receive a long term excused absence letter in the mail within fourteen days. Keep this letter on file with your notification paperwork.

Withdrawal from online public schools:

A parent has the right to remove their child from online public schooling at any time. CHEO recommends that you first notify your child’s teacher and then take the steps suggested for withdrawing from the virtual school. Your child is not required to take an assessment before withdrawing. You will be required to return computers and learning materials provided by the state.

Christian Home Educators of Ohio encourages you to join Home School Legal Defense Association (link) prior to submitting your notice of intent to homeschool. Read this article on a recent Ohio case that explains the need for HSLDA’s assistance by some families withdrawing a child mid-year to home educate.

Becoming a member of CHEO helps to provide assistance to families in the area of home education throughout the year. Learn more about joining CHEO here.