Graduation Policy

Graduation Policy
Christian Home Educators of Ohio held the first home school graduation in 1992. The purpose for hosting a graduation ceremony at the Convention was three fold:

  1. To bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. To act as an ambassador for home education in Ohio by showcasing the good fruit of home education to family and friends who attended the graduation ceremony.
  3. To honor the graduates and their parents by acknowledging and celebrating their obedience in choosing a biblical method of educating their children.

In order to assure that the CHEO Graduation Ceremony is Christ honoring and that the graduation ceremony is held to the highest possible standards, the CHEO Board has implemented an application process that began with the Graduating Class of 2005.

Criteria will include (but not be limited to) the following:

  1. Parents and graduates will sign an agreement that they will comply with wholesome and modest appearance requirements which are specified in materials sent to the applicant.
  2. Parents must be current members of CHEO and complete the on-line registration.
  3. Parents must notify their local superintendent per the home school regulations (Ohio Revised Code 3301-34-03,¬†download notification form¬†) for their graduate’s senior year of high school and have 100% of their academics taught at home. Note: Students using on-line Charter Schools are not permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  4. Parents and graduate will sign an agreement stating that they will comply with the appropriate decorum throughout the graduation ceremony.
  5. There is a $70 fee to register for the Graduation Ceremony. This fee includes the cap & gown, mailing fees and the certificate.

Registration must be completed and submitted by April 15th (postmark date).

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