Graduate and Parents,

Congratulations! The Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO) Board of Directors has given us the opportunity to celebrate this phase of your child’s life with other homeschooling families. Please keep in mind that in participating in the 2014 Ohio Home Educators Commencement Ceremony we are the guests of CHEO. This graduation is not to glorify the graduate or to glorify the parents. We are simply here to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

CHEO is sponsoring this graduation for its members only. You must be a current CHEO member to participate.

The CHEO Board of Directors have finalized plans for the 2014 Ohio Home Educating Commencement Ceremony. Please make note of deadlines. Registration must be completed on-line and submitted by April 15th. Payment must be submitted on-line or by mail with a postmark date of April 15th.

We are looking forward to working with you. We hope that the 2014 Ohio Home Educating Exercises can be a wonderful memory for your family. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.


Note: Both the graduate and parents must read through all the graduation documents before registering.  On the registration form you will be asked to verify that you have read it, in its entirety.

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