News Regarding Diploma Fairness

Effective immediately – Ohio law now requires that diplomas issued to home educated graduates and -08 graduates will satisfy any legal requirement to show proof of completion of the student’s high school education under the regulations that govern these two educational options!


Diploma Fairness In Depth: Click Here


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The Bible Bee helps families to establish a life-long pattern of discipleship in God’s Word. All of the materials and events are designed to be enjoyable and family-centered as they encourage, recognize, and reward diligence in Bible study, Scripture memorization, and prayer.

The National Bible Bee begins June 1st as contestants learn to inductively study a designated book of the Bible through the Bible Bee’s exclusive “Sword Studies” and memorize Scripture with the help of their Bible Memory cards.

In August, contestant families gather for the Local Contest, a time of demonstrating diligence, proclaiming God’s Word, and celebrating together in Christ. The competition challenges both Bible Memory and Bible Knowledge through a Written Test which takes place either at a local site with other families or online. The 360 top-scoring contestants from around the nation are then invited to compete in the National Contest which is held in the fall. Winners at Nationals take home $350,000 in cash and scholarships as well as other awards.