Christian Home Educators of Ohio

  2015 Media Kit



Christian Home Educators of Ohio is happy to accept advertising that is in line with our mission statement and supports the fulfillment of our state-wide ministry to home educators. Advertising may be denied by the Board of Directors of CHEO.

Mission Statement: CHEO acknowledges that the Lord Jesus Christ must be central and supreme in the rearing of our children, and that Biblical education is an inseparable part of the Christian faith. CHEO seeks to preserve the God-given, constitutional right to home educate, and to support and encourage families in fulfilling this Biblical responsibility.


General Advertising Information

  1. All advertising must be paid in full prior to the deadline or we will be unable to run the ad.
  2. CHEO is not responsible for proof-reading or editing of submitted advertising. We are not responsible for any typographical, grammatical or design errors. We do not provide a proof, but rather assume that ads are submitted in their approved and final form.
  3. All graphics should be emailed directly to
  4. Advertising in the Monthly Companion must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the ad appearing in the magazine.
  5. A 10% discount is given for multiple advertisements if purchased at the same time.


Do you need help with the design of your advertisement?

Our talented graphic designer is available to help you create an ad that promotes your business to its very best! For additional information and design fees contact:


Monthly Companion Advertisements

The new monthly Companion is released at the beginning of each month and stays on the front page of the website for the balance of the month. Issues are then archived, but are still available for download. All ads will be linked to your website. Limited spaces are available.

  • Full back page advertisement:  $350
  • Inside ½ page advertisement:  $200
  • Inside full page advertisement: $275


Website Advertising Posts

Advertisements are located on the front page of our website “below the fold”. Ads may not blink or flash. Limited spaces are available.

  • 2 weeks advertisement:  $200
  • 1 month advertisement:  $375
  • 1 quarter advertisement: $955 (this reflects a 15% discount on monthly rates)


Dedicated E-mail Blast

A dedicated e-mail blast is sent to our entire contact list. Current circulation is approximately 3500.  Only one blast is offered each week, so there are limited opportunities to reach our membership through this advertising method.

Single e-mail blast:                                         $350

All blasts must be submitted in JPEG format two weeks prior to publication. A test e-mail will be sent to you and any changes may be requested until the week of publication. Payment must be made in full or the blast can not be sent out.



Event Sponsorship

CHEO is now offering event sponsorships. Only two sponsors will be available per CHEO hosted event…a main sponsor and a secondary sponsor. This opportunity offers the greatest exposure for your company.


Main Event Sponsor:                 $2500

This package includes the following:

  • Dedicated recognition by CHEO @ the beginning and end of the event.
  • 2 large event signs in prominent locations for the duration of the event. Artwork and design is provided by the sponsor… CHEO will do the rest.
  • 2 month website advertising (one prior to the event and one after)
  • 2 dedicated e-mail blasts (one prior to the event and one after)
  • Full back page advertisement on program created for the event.
  • Distribution of brochures provided by sponsor. Brochures will be liberally distributed the day of the sponsored event and will also be included in all new member kits that are mailed by CHEO for a 3-month period.


Secondary Event Sponsor:                  $950

This package includes the following:

  • 1 month website ad
  • 1 dedicated e-mail blast
  • ½ page ad within the event program
  • Distribution of brochures provided by sponsor. Brochures will be liberally distributed the day of the event and will also be included in all new member kits that are mailed by CHEO the month of the event.



If you would like more information or to place an order, please contact the CHEO office at or call 740-522-2460.