About Us

Who We Are

  • CHEO is a member supported 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with the Christ-centered ministry of  supporting, equipping and protecting families in the home education of their children.
  • We are a year-round ministry that functions to inform and educate families through various means, including sponsored seminars and regional events. We also diligently work to monitor the Ohio legislative process in order to protect our freedom to home educate.
  • While our beliefs and views are distinctively Christian, we seek to serve and protect all home educators  in Ohio, regardless of ethnicity, religion or creed.

Who We Are Not

  • CHEO does not operate or oversee any local support groups or co-ops.
  • We do not offer a correspondence or online school, nor do we function as a curriculum provider.
  • We do not set home education policy or guidelines, but rather seek to help others faithfully comply  with Ohio homeschool regulations.
  • We are not a substitute for membership with Home School Legal Defense Association.

Mission Statement

CHEO acknowledges that the Lord Jesus Christ must be central and supreme in the rearing of our children, and that biblical education is an inseparable part of the Christian faith. CHEO seeks to preserve the God-given, constitutional right to home educate, and to support and encourage families in fulfilling this biblical responsibility.